Being pulled over and subsequently arrested and charged with a DUI can be a frightening experience for many people. A DUI on your permanent record could affect your ability to maintain employment or keep your drivers license in the future. Working with an attorney to fight your DUI charges in court can be a great way to minimize the effects your arrest could have on your future.

Here are three potential strategies your lawyer could use to help ensure you win your DUI case.

1. Your attorney can prove the officer shouldn't have stopped you.

Most individuals charged with a DUI are initially stopped by police officers for other reasons. Some common reasons why you might be pulled over include failure to maintain a lane, failure to signal, or improper passing.

If the officer who arrested you was targeting traffic near a local bar or nightclub, he or she may be using these initial stops as a tool to catch drunk drivers. If you can prove through traffic camera or security camera footage from businesses near where you were pulled over that the initial stop was not warranted, your attorney may be able to get your DUI case dismissed.

2. Your attorney can prove that a breath test was improperly conducted.

Many arresting officers use portable breathalyzers to help determine whether or not an individual has had too much to drink. If you are asked to complete a breath test before being asked to conduct any field sobriety tests, then your attorney could have grounds for dismissal.

Since walking a straight line and performing the one-legged-stand test are less invasive, these tests are often required to be conducted before an officer can complete a breath test. Your attorney can request footage from your arresting officer's dash camera to determine the order in which your sobriety tests were conducted, and your case could possibly be dismissed based on this evidence.

3. Your attorney can prove that you weren't shown how to properly conduct field sobriety tests.

A police officer must be able to properly demonstrate the correct way to complete a field sobriety test.

If the dash camera footage collected from your arrest shows that the office gave your improper instructions and demonstrations (or none at all), then your attorney could have your case dismissed before a DUI is reported on your permanent record.

Understanding some of the possible defenses that can be used to win a DUI case allows you to see how vital the help of an experienced attorney can be when it comes to beating your DUI charges. Contact a DUI attorney, like those at Pollack & Ball LLC and similar firms, for more information.