Criminal harassment is a serious charge. It's even more serious if the harassment is of the kind that the authorities really frown upon. Below are some signs that aggravate harassment charges.

Intentional Conduct

Harassment is a specific intent crime, which means the offender's intention while carrying out the offending act will come into question. This means accidental acts that harm or annoy others may not be regarded as harassment. Take an example where you know your neighbor is sick, but you intentionally play loud music every night at a volume that you know carries to your neighbor's bedroom. In such a case, you can easily be charged with harassment.

However, you may escape the harassment charges if you didn't know about your neighbor's condition, or you were careful enough to soundproof your house, but the music somehow reaches your neighbor. In this case, your intention wasn't to bother your neighbor.

Direct Threats of Violence

Intentional conducts that contain or convey direct threats of violence also attract the wrath of authorities. So expect legal problems if you threaten to beat up your neighbor to a pulp if they can't keep their music volume reasonably low. However, you may not have much problem from the authorities if you declare to your noisy neighbor that they will 'regret it' if they don't reduce the volume. In this case, the threat is not specific, and the violence is not explicit, so the authorities may be lenient with you.

Repeated Conduct

Some conducts are benign the first time, but become harmful or offensive when repeated multiple times. Say you break up with your loved one and call them up to apologize and ask for another chance. Such an act is harmless enough, and may not be considered harassment, even if your ex-lover is offended by your call. However, if you keep calling your former lover every night even after they have repeatedly told you to stop calling, then the authorities may consider your actions as harassment.

Involve Sexually Explicit Images

Lastly, conducts that involve sexual images of the recipient are always taken seriously. For example, if you break up with a lover and post their nudes online, you can expect serious repercussions even if you do it once or post a single picture.

Don't take the accusations against you lightly if they involve any of the above elements. Contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to help you defend the case.