DUIs can bring on a lot of legal and personal stress. If convicted, then harsh punishments could come your way. You want to be mindful of how you approach this legal situation, preferably doing these things when you can.

Keep Possible DUI Contained

If you have been drinking and are eventually pulled over by a police officer, then you want to keep this possible DUI situation contained. Meaning, you don't want to escalate matters and make things worse for yourself because then you could be looking at multiple charges.

If the officer arrests you for a DUI, then just do as they say and know that there are legal steps to take from here on out. Your situation may be bleak, but following the rules after the fact can put you in a much better legal situation compared to if you resisted everything the officer requested of you. 

Figure Out How to Plead

After you get arrested, you will go before a judge to learn more about your sentencing. You will also have the opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty. Which option is best really depends on how the DUI came about. 

For instance, if you know you're flat out guilty because you blew over the limit, then pleading guilty and showing remorse probably is the best way to receive better sentencing. 

If you feel like the system worked against you and you didn't drink too much alcohol, you may try pleading not guilty and seeing if the court system can work out in your favor. 

Take Time to Review All Possible Penalties

Before you start making any serious decisions after getting charged with a DUI, it helps to understand what possible penalties could come your way. This will help you truly appreciate the gravity of your situation. 

Some DUIs lead to penalties, revoked driver's licenses, and time in jail. It really just depends on your past criminal record and the severity of intoxication. Go over possible scenarios so that you know to take your legal response seriously. If your consequences look really severe, hiring a DUI attorney is always something you can do.

Finding yourself in a situation where a DUI is a real possibility can be scary, especially if this isn't the first time this has happened. Legally, you want to prepare for the upcoming steps as best you can. You may still receive punishment, but at least you'll be ready for anything that comes your way.