Getting charged with a drug crime is challenging because of the harsh sentences from a conviction. Therefore, you should contact a competent attorney immediately after your arrest if you want to have a productive hearing and escape the punitive measures. Lawyers who have dealt with drug crimes understand the judicial system and work it in your favor. Here are four ways they will help you get a favorable outcome. 

The Prosecutor's Burden of Proof

The law considers you innocent until proven guilty when charged with a drug crime. The prosecutor gathers evidence to prove you committed the crime and get you convicted. Sometimes, you might get arrested and wrongfully detained for drug possession. There are other instances when the police arrest you for being in the company of someone who had the drugs. At other times, they could apprehend you because you were in the company of someone in possession of drugs. The prosecutor will work hard to ensure you get convicted for the crime. However, a competent drug crimes lawyer will help you avert these charges. 

Questioning Illegally Gathered Evidence

The evidence that the police collect determines the successful prosecution of a drug charge. Because of the secretive nature of the drug purchase, possession, and sale world, most law enforcement officers do not follow the procedure when gathering evidence. You can challenge the search and seizure guidelines when arraigned. Your lawyer will listen to your arrest story and determine whether law enforcement followed the ideal guidelines when arresting you or gathering their evidence. Also, the police will try and pressure you to submit to a search. You should contact your lawyer before consenting to a search. 

Getting You a Favorable Verdict

All the efforts your legal representative makes should help you get a favorable verdict in your drug crimes case. They will formulate the ideal defense for an acquittal or a plea deal that minimizes your punishment. They can assess the evidence that the prosecution has stacked against you and determine that you might not have enough to counter it. They speak to the prosecutor and get you the best plea deal if you get such a scenario. You take a plea deal in exchange for information that might help them make other arrests. 

These are three ways that working with a lawyer can help you get the best outcome in your drug crimes case. Go to sites that deal with drug crimes or contact a reliable lawyer close to you and argue for your freedom.