Getting a traffic ticket is not the worst thing that can happen. However, traffic tickets can be surprisingly expensive and result in several consequences. You have a good chance of fighting your ticket and winning if you use a traffic defense lawyer. Read on to find out more.

How Tickets Work

You are not immediately guilty of a traffic violation. A ticket is not an automatic fine for you to pay. If you read the small print on the ticket, you will find that you have options. If you disagree with the ticket, you can appear in court and fight it. Listed on the ticket is the amount of the fine. That is what you owe if you decide to plead guilty. By paying the fine, you are pleading guilty to the offense.

Doing so is not only very expensive but could put points on your license. In some states, points can accumulate to the point that your driver's license is suspended. Then, you must take classes and pay more fines to get your license back. The entire ordeal could leave you without driving privileges and thousands of dollars poorer. Additionally, drivers with violations on their driving records could pay more for auto insurance.

If you drive for your job, tickets could end up costing you your job. Some employers will fire you if you are ticketed while driving a company vehicle. If you don't have a driver's license because of the accumulated points, you could also be fired from a job.

Fighting Back

Your first task in fighting against an unfair ticket is to speak with a traffic ticket lawyer. This type of lawyer understands just how serious a traffic ticket can be for some drivers. They will listen to your story of how the incident unfolded and why you believe the ticket to be unwarranted. Traffic ticket lawyers can help you either get your ticket thrown out or at least help reduce the impact of the ticket on your license and driving record.

Traffic Ticket Defenses

Your lawyer knows what it takes to get a ticket thrown out. The following issues will be addressed:

  1. Is the ticket factually accurate? Mistakes on the ticket could get it thrown out.
  2. Did the law enforcement officer that wrote the ticket appear in court? If not, the ticket is dismissed.
  3. If a radar gun was used, was the officer certified to use it, and was it properly calibrated?
  4. If the ticket was justified, can you pay a fine rather than have points on your record?
  5. Do you believe that you were targeted because of your race, gender, or other personal characteristics?

Don't plead guilty before speaking to a traffic ticket attorney.