OWI laws prescribe very tough penalties for drivers convicted of drugged driving offenses. So, if the law enforcers stop you on suspicion of marijuana impairment, you must do what you legally can to avoid a conviction. Your first step should be to consult a legal advisor. This will enable you to understand your rights and learn the measures available to you so that you can beat your charges. Your lawyer will want you to know the following:

Officers Have to Follow the Law When Arresting You

Marijuana impairment is challenging to prove using some of the testing strategies that police use. Therefore, the officers may have a right to use alternative testing methods to determine intoxication. However, these procedures should be within the law. In addition, the police should not force you to disclose information. You are only under an obligation to tell them your name and address. Thus, if the officers ask you to share more information, you can invoke your right to remain silent.

It is also important to note that law enforcers should only arrest you if they have sufficient evidence to prove impairment. In some cases, officers might arrest suspects without determining whether they are impaired. Some may also use inappropriate testing procedures or faulty equipment, which leads to false results. In any case, if the police engage in unlawful behavior when conducting tests, an OWI attorney can object to using the test results as evidence. They can also raise objections if the police engage in any illegalities when arresting you. This might lead to a dismissal of your case.

You Can Get a Harsh Judgment If Convicted

You can get a number of punishments if the jury finds you guilty of OWI. For instance, the judge might sentence you to jail for a few weeks or suspend your driving license. This might be the case if you are a first-time offender. Nonetheless, if the state had previously charged you with marijuana impairment, your punishment is likely to be more severe. In this case, you may get a longer jail sentence or a suspension of your driving privileges for a more extended period. The judge can also order you to pay a fine or ask you to serve a probation sentence. They will determine the punishment to issue you depending on your sobriety test results, past convictions, and your state laws. In each of these situations, your lawyer will use the most suitable legal strategies to enable you to get a more lenient judgment.

If law enforcers pull you over on suspicion of marijuana impairment, you need to consult an OWI lawyer immediately. This will enable you to know the pitfalls to avoid so that you don't complicate your case. In addition, hiring a lawyer as soon as possible will put them in a better position to build a strong defense before your case commences.

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